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How about turning this...

into THIS !!!!  (Actual result achieved with a yard sale rustbucket sent in by a customer !)

TorreyRat Golf is pleased to offer turnkey customization & refinishing of iron, wedge and putter heads by the golf division of Black Oxide Service (BOS Golf).  TorreyRat Golf is a Platinum level retailer for BOS Golf and has access to all of their refinishing and refurbishment services.  We offer a range of beautiful finishes for clubheads depending on their material (carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, bronze and aluminum).  The finishing processes have been designed and developed based on feedback from touring professionals, and have strong roots in a long history of industrial applications.  Refinishing offers several major benefits:
  • Improvements in performance (extra spin) and exceptional feel
  • Restoration/improvement of appearance
  • Opportunity for personalization (e.g., custom stamping and paint fill, and also optional phosphorization, which allows graphics to be applied
See examples below of four Scotty Cameron Santa Fe putters - one refinished in a lustrous White Polymer with the Teryllium insert polished to a mirror finish, one refinished with a 3x Black Oxide treatment (glossy sole, satin face, matte top and back), one refinished with a 3x Aquamarine treatment (glossy sole, satin face, matte top and back), and one refinished with a 2x brass plating - all personalized (custom stamping and paint fill) for TorreyRat!  Not only are they great to look at, TorreyRat is actually making more putts!  Also check out how just a new paintfill can make a good gamer even better - see the Studio Style 1.5 in the Club Refinishing Gallery!

Check out TorreyRat's Club Refinishing Gallery for a cool slideshow of refinished irons, wedges and putters, while you're there check out the Putters For Sale gallery for a chance at instant gratification (hint, view this gallery in filmstrip mode for full descriptions and pricing, but the putters go fast, so if you don't see something you want, feel free to contact TorreyRat directly to see what's available) !!! 

NEW !!


Refer to the "Background Information on BOS Clubhead Refinishing" below for an extensive description of available finishes.

Send an
email to TorreyRat at if you would like to see additional pics that may not have made it into the gallery yet, if you want to know more about a particular finish, or have a very special request in mind.

White Polymer (TorreyRat's Current Gamer)

3X Black Oxide

3X Aquamarine

2X Brass Plate

Clubheads must be removed from shafts to be refinished
.  You have several options as described below, please email TorreyRat to discuss what is best for you.

  1. You can send your clubhead(s) alone to TorreyRat and he will have them refinished and returned to you.  You are responsible for removing the heads before shipment and having them reshafted after refinishing.
  2. You can send your club(s) AS IS to TorreyRat and he will remove the heads from the shafts, have the heads refinished, reinstall your shafts, and return the clubs to you ready for use.  This service is available for steel shafted clubs only.  There is an extra charge for removing the original shafts before refinishing the heads and for reinstalling the shafts later.  This service can be combined with regripping for an additional charge. 
  3. If you are interested in changing or upgrading your shafts, you can send either the clubs or just the heads to TorreyRat.  He will install new shafts to your specifications after refinishing is complete.  In addition to refinishing, extra charges will include:  (a) removal of old shafts (unless clubheads alone are supplied); (b) cost of new shafts and grips;  and  (c) installation of the new shafts and grips.  All shafts will be spine-aligned at no extra charge prior to installation. Note for this option (#3):  If you send clubheads only, please be prepared to provide the original club specifications with your order: shaft brand/model/flex;  swingweights;  and club lengths.  This will help TorreyRat make sure there are no unintentional changes.  Also, if you order the popular KBS steel iron shafts that are making serious inroads on the PGA Tour, TorreyRat can offer exceptional pricing on the reshafting service as he is an authorized KBS dealer.  The KBS Black Nickel Finish Tour Taper shafts are an awesome match with the BOS Golf finishes, see example below!

Mizuno MX-25 forged iron head refinished in a B.O.S. 2x Black Ice finish with custom patriotic paint fill, and reshafted with KBS Black Nickel Tour Taper steel shaft
(TorreyRat calls it the Stealth Club!)


Background Information on Golf Clubhead Refinishing


First of all, it’s not all about the look!  Plated clubheads, especially carbon steel, refinished with oxide finishes will feel softer at impact and, in the case of irons and wedges, provide some increased spin, because the plating is removed and replaced by the oxide finish.  Thus, you will feel the actual characteristics of the underlying metal at impact, instead of the harder plating that originally encased it.  Many players value these performance gains far more than the remarkable improvement in appearance!  Hence the BOS Golf slogan – “Feel the Finish”.


A wide range of finishes and sheens are available, including proprietary oxide and polymer treatments as well as plating and anodization.  When combined with plenty of standard and custom paintfill colors, these finishes and sheens provide you with a nearly infinite array of choices for a unique and truly personal look.  A phosphorization process is also available to apply custom artwork such as company and team logos, signatures, and other special effects.  Stamping of letters and numbers is also available in 4 different sizes to add a player’s initials or name or other personal statement.


Some finishes and/or sheens , including chrome, brass, copper and nickel plating, can be applied to multiple clubhead materials (carbon steel, stainless steel, and in some cases even brass, copper or bronze).  Other finishes and/or sheens are only suitable for specific clubhead materials (for example Black Ice is only available on carbon steel heads, while Gold is only available on stainless steel).  Anodizing is available in several colors for aluminum heads.


BOS Golf finishes are available in up to three different sheens (shiny, satin and matte) depending on the particular finish color and the clubhead material.  In most cases, two or even all three sheens can be combined on a given clubhead to optimize performance and appearance.  These combinations are referred to as 2X for two different sheens, and 3X for all three.


Matte sheens are recommended for the hitting (grooved) area of irons and wedges to maximize spin, and are often preferred for the toplines and backs of putters to minimize glare at address.  Matte sheens are also required for all cavities except with the polymer and anodized finishes.  Satin and shiny sheens provide varying degrees of luster and contrast to enhance the overall appearance of the clubhead, much like the chrome plating on many irons.


For putters, a very popular combination is a 2X finish with either shiny or satin on the sole and face, with matte on the topline and back.  Also very popular is a 3X finish with shiny on the sole, satin on the face, and matte on the topline and back.


For irons and wedges, muscleback heads look great with matte in the hitting area and shiny or satin everywhere else.  For cavity back heads, matte is popular in the hitting area and required in the cavity, with either shiny or satin everywhere else.


Many people may also prefer the understated look of an all matte finish.  The nice thing it is all up to you, and when you are done, there may well be no other clubs like yours on the planet!


Refinishing typically includes stripping of the existing finish (an itemized charge if the clubhead is plated), and buffing to remove small nicks and scratches (included at no extra cost).  Repairs of deep nicks and gouges may be possible at an extra charge, but can only be assessed and quoted when the heads are received by TorreyRat.  Other services at extra cost include face milling (regular and deep), adding sightlines, sight dots, snow or blizzard effects, shaft and grip upgrades, so many choices, please ask!


It is important to note that the actual color of oxide finishes other than black will vary depending upon the type and quality of clubhead material.  Impurities in metals and variations in the original clubhead manufacturing processes can significantly influence the final appearance, including the range, hue and intensity of colors.  Also, any colors and patinas will be more lustrous and pronounced in the shiny version of a given finish (because shiny surfaces reflect the most light) and will be more muted or may disappear altogether in matter versions of a given finish (because matte surfaces tend to scatter and absorb light).  So for example, the matte sheens of Black Oxide, Black Ice, Aquamarine and Purple Rain may well appear very similar to one another, perhaps even identical except to the most discerning eye

It is also important to note that any finish, especially an oxide finish, will exhibit wear as a normal consequence of use, much as an "oil-can" finish wedge.  In addition, oxide finishes require a small amount of maintenance to prevent corrosion.  They should be kept clean and dry, and periodically be wiped down with an oiled or silicone-impregnated cloth.


Following is a descriptive list of currently available finishes.  Note that some finishes and/or sheens are only available on certain clubhead metals.  New finishes are constantly being researched and developed - stay tuned as these will be added to TorreyRat’s website as they are released.  If you are getting ready to place an order, ask TorreyRat about any new finishes that might not yet have made it onto the website!


Black Oxide – A classic rich black finish, available in all three sheens as well as combinations.  This finish has been used for many putters and some wedges as the standard original factory finish.  Available on carbon steel clubheads (all 3 sheens) and stainless steel heads (excluding shiny sheen)

Black Ice – Available in two sheens, shiny and matte, and 2X combination.  The shiny sheen has the lustrous appearance of black chrome, while the matte sheen is a rich grayish black.  Available only on carbon steel heads.  This is a premium finish that is not usually available to the general public.

Aquamarine – A black background shimmering with patinas of green, blue, turquoise and earth tones, available in all three three sheens, as well as 2X and 3X combinations.  Available only on carbon steel heads

Patina Oil – A brownish black finish prone to have some shimmering patinas reminiscent of an oil slick, available in all three sheens and 2x and 3x combinations.  Available only on carbon steel heads.


Purple Rain – A black background with rich purple accents, available in shiny and matte sheens and 2x combination.  Available only on carbon steel heads.  

Chocolate – A gorgeous rich dark brown like a bittersweet chocolate bar, looking almost good enough to eat, with rainbow-style patinas often shimmering on the shiny surfaces.  Available in all three sheens as well as 2X and 3X combinations.  Available only on carbon steel heads.

Polymer – available in several white in a semi-shiny sheen only.  Available on various metal heads, including carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.  Not suitable for the club’s hitting area unless there is an insert.  Can be combined with a plated or oxide treatment on the face for a unique "2X" type look.  

Fool’s Gold – A lustrous gold finish, available in all three sheens and combinations.  Available only on stainless steel heads.


Black Gold – An antiqued gold finish with hints of black, available in satin and matte and 2x combination.  Available only on stainless steel heads. 

Copper Plate – Available only in shiny sheen.  Can be applied to carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, copper and bronze heads.  

Nickel Plate – Available in all three sheens as well as 2X and 3X combinations.  This finish can be used to restore “platinum” type factory finishes.  Can be applied to carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, copper and bronze heads.  

Chrome plate – Available in all three sheens as well as 2X and 3X combinations.  Can be applied to carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, copper and bronze heads.


Brass Plate – Available in all three sheens as well as 2X and 3X combinations.  This finish will develop interesting patinas over time as the brass oxidizes.  Can be applied to carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, copper and bronze heads.  

Anodization - Available in several primary colors -  for aluminum heads only.  The sheen is fairly shiny.



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