All about Torrey Pines Golf, the fabled Dawn Patrol, and some Great Products !
Here are some members of the "Dawn Patrol," a band of regular Joes (sometimes nicknamed torreyrats in their own right) that have for years camped out in the Torrey Pines Golf Course parking lot on weekend evenings to secure a first-come, first-served tee time at one of Torrey Pines' two fabled courses.  This group has gained considerable notoriety over the years, and has been chronicled in Golf Magazine and more recently in The Golf Channel's Golf in America series.  Click here for a link to the Golf Channel's video clip and here for a link to commentator Tom Abbott's personal story about his experience hanging out with the Dawn Patrol.

First, some definitions:

torreyrat:  tor-rey-rat [tawr-ee-rat, tor-ee-rat] – noun:  A denizen of the Torrey Pines Municipal Golf Course, frequently spotted in the wee hours of the morning trying to secure a precious tee time, or late in the evening or at night practicing short game skills at Torrey Pines, by the light of the silvery moon if need be or the mood strikes, also the eBay handle of TorreyRat, founder & owner of this website, TorreyRat Enterprises, and TorreyRat Golf.  Not to be confused with the hanglider who has apparently (and belatedly) adopted the same moniker for their non-golf-related pursuits.

Core Members are those Dawn Patrollers that currently "do the duty" one night almost every weekend.

Standard Members are those Dawn Patrollers that have been core members in the past and/or occasionally still "do the duty."  The humble TorreyRat, founder and owner of this site, has been a Core Member in the past, is a Standard Member now, and is occasionally honored to be invited to play with the notorious featured Core Members "as seen on the Golf Channel."

Members At-Large are those Dawn Patrollers that frequently join the foursomes hosted by Core and/or Standard Members.  To remain welcome, it is wise to avoid bringing domestic or workplace drama to the golf course, and to occasionally bestow (not necessarily lavish) gifts and praise upon Core (especially) and Standard Members, such as coffee and donuts and/or Breakfast Jacks, an occasional tailgate barbecue, free golf merchandise and other trinkets, unsolicited (but welcomed) golf advice, and of course the encouraging shout of "Good Shot", "Great Putt", "You the Man" or other cliche phrase at every opportunity.

In alphabetical order, so as not to offend anyone:
Core Members

Doug: Also known as the "Functioning Golfaholic", a term he coined while during cameo interviews by the Golf Channel (was it an ad-lib or did he spend all night thinking it up?), Doug is an affable mid-handicapper who more than occasionally pulls off a career shot.  In addition to his insightful inteviews, Doug appeared in the featured foursome in the Golf in America Dawn Patrol episode.  Doug has a painting business.  Doug's irons (Dynamic Gold SL R) have been personally reshafted and spine-aligned by TorreyRat.

Gordon: Nicknamed "Gordo", "Gordy", "Gordohn Bleu", "The Governor", and other names that cannot or should not be remembered, Gordy is a mid-handicapper who has received more press than all of the other Dawn Patrollers combined.  In addition to being in Golf Magazine and in the featured foursome in the Golf in America Dawn Patrol episode, Gordon has appeared in Sports Illustrated and various other past publications.  If you ever want to know the "Dawn Patrol Rules of Engagement", Gordon is ready and willing to recite chapter and verse, and to enforce them as well.  Gordon has a window washing business.

Rob: One of the unofficial leaders of the Dawn Patrol, aka "Robbie" and "Roberto", Rob received prominent billing in the Golf in America episode, candidly admitting on behalf of all that wives and girlfriends may have been lost on account of Dawn Patrol priorities.  Rob is a tilesetter by trade.  A mid-handicapper, he has recently had his Cameron Santa Fe TeI3 putter pimped by TorreyRat in a white polymer finish with custom stampings!


Standard Members

George: The official TorreyRat, pictured here at Royal County Down, Ardglass and Ballyliffen Golf Clubs, respectively, in Northern Ireland, also nicknamed "Big G" and "G-Man," George "did the duty" at Torrey for 7-8 years running after picking up the game.  A mid-handicapper on the course, George is the Executive Chef for the Dawn Patrol's "Parking Lot Grille."  As the title of "Iron Chef" has been unfairly copyrighted by one of those multitudinous cooking channels on cable, he is resigned to vying for the the mantle of "Driver Chef", "Putter Chef" or "Wedge Chef" ("Hybrid Chef" might raise silly questions).  His New York steaks received more viewing time than he did personally in the Golf in America episode, and his bone-in Prime Rib roast wowed the Golf Magazine writer, who somehow in his stupor managed to describe an 18 POUND roast as an 18 OUNCE offering.  George is a medical device quality systems  & human factors consultant, an independent golf clubmaker, Platinum retailer of BOS Golf club refinishing, retailer of KBS shafts, Scratch Golf irons and wedges,and Bettinardi putters, and is founder/owner of  George goes by torreyrat on eBay and TPDawnPatrol on  He once played St. Andrew's Old Course and Carnoustie on the same hail-pummelled day and lived to tell about it.  The product offerings featured on this site have the personal endorsement of TorreyRat, as only tried and proven third-party products earn the TorreyRat seal of approval.
  Roger:  Rarely seen without his faithful Golden Retriever who must be the world's most patient canine, Roger is a low-mid handicapper with a powerful swing and even better sense of humor.  Hardly a round goes by without a new (usually memorable) quip or joke.  Roger has identified a source of baked beans (available as take-away) somewhere in San Diego that are TO DIE FOR.

Sean: Also part of the highlighted foursome in the Golf in America episode, who coined the phrase "This Is OUR Thing", and blessed with an athletic, smooth swing, Sean is a single-digit handicapper and an accomplished Dawn Patrol tailgate chef, including his own baked bean specialty, in his own right.  Sean has a hardwood flooring business.  He is recently remarried despite his Dawn Patrol affliction.

Terry:  A high handicapper who makes a powerful, and sometimes too quick, pass at the ball, Terry is also an accomplished Dawn Patrol chef and all-around nice guy.  Terry is a tilesetter by trade.
Members At-Large 

Joe:  An ex-hockey player who chokes way down on his irons and hits them a mile, Joe had a Kodak moment rubbing Mr. Sandman out of his eyes when awakened by Gordon during the Golf in America episode.

  Madeline:  The only female member of the Dawn Patrol, sporting a 20 handicap index, Madeline was also the first female playing member of the Torrey Pines Mens Golf Club, placing fourth in her first tournament despite the skepticism of some club officials.    Her initiative was chronicled by the San Diego Union-Tribune.
In part due to her pioneering efforts, other female members have joined, and the club has been renamed to be the Torrey Pines Municipal Golf Club to reflect its new diversity.  Madeline is a Mom and Homemaker, certainly the two most important jobs on the planet, is married to TorreyRat (lucky guy), and is an accomplished cook, known especially for her "Mad Dog Marinade" that makes the world's best Tri-Tip roast!

Natalie:  Yet to play a full round at Torrey Pines, Natalie (the precocious daughter of Mr. and Mrs. TorreyRat) has nevertheless braved the early morning chill and errant shots (FORE!) of other Dawn Patrol members to accompany her parents on numerous Torrey Pines wild rides.  Natalie has used her favorite club, TorreyRat's Aldila NVS 75-S pink-shafted R9 driver, to nail a few balls long and straight at the Torrey Pines driving range.  Natalie is a high school freshman (excellent student), an avid Hetalia cosplayer  (look it up), accomplished anime artist, and an award-winning Irish dancer who once logged four first-place finishes in a  competition.  She was also a finalist in's 2009 Design-A-Dress Competition.

Pushp:  Also known as "The Man Who Needs A New Picture On His City Resident Card" and "The Man who Surfs But Does Not Tell", Pushp is a free-swinging single-digit handicapper who frequently wears his hat in Rally Cap style.  He is best known for his purposeful fist-pumping stride towards the cup as a longer putt finds its mark.  Pushp is somewhat of a brainiac, holding a patent in the field of microwave antennas or something similarly esoteric.  His R7 Limited driver shaft has been personally FLO aligned by TorreyRat.

Scott:  A bear of a man and a glazier by trade, Scott, a single digit handicapper, for years forsake the driver in favor of rifling a 2 iron off the tee past the rest of us mortals.  Now the pendulum has swung the other direction and he occasionally stings his driver off the deck on long approaches.  He is even considering reshafting his new R9 driver with a pink shaft a la TorreyRat!  Is it age, wisdom, desperation, or some combination thereof?  Scott, like TorreyRat, is an afficionado of an occasional good cigar, and also has had his Cameron Studio Stainless putter pimped by TorreyRat in a matte black oxide with green and white paintfill and a custom green flame grip!
  Todd:  (Under construction)
  Wayne:  When not recovering from collarbone fractures or other mishaps encountered from his passion for motorcross, Wayne is the king of the laid-off swing.  At the height of his backswing, his golf shaft is nearly parallel to the ground, but Wayne smartly re-routes it prior to impact to generate impressive power for his compact, wiry frame.
Standard Members
Honorary Members
  Brandy:  Always up for a parking lot barbecue (or any barbecue for that matter), Brandy (the TorreyRat family's young Chocolate Labrador Retriever) attended the Dawn Patrol's tailgate party for the Golf Channel, and is technically a non-playing member, although she loves to play in general!  She is especially fond of chewy and crunchy items like socks, flip-flops, video game cartridges and remote controls.  Born in mid-June 2008, she is always the most fashionably adorned in any dog park, wearing her concho-studded collar personally crafted by TorreyRat, who never met a hobby he couldn't overdo!

  Matt:  The 12 year old nephew of TorreyRat and a lad gifted with athletic talent in multiple sports, a perennial all-star in youth football and baseball leagues, Matt has played the North and South Courses and recorded one or more natural pars in each round despite having outgrown his inferior equipment.  Matt scored big time for Christmas in 2009 with a set of new Mizuno MX-200 4-GW forged irons with KBS Tour 90 R flex shafts soft-stepped 1x, spine aligned, swingweighted and assembled by TorreyRat, as well as a new TaylorMade R7 3 wood, TaylorMade Burner 3 hybrid, a TaylorMade RAC Z TP 56 degree wedge, and a MacGregor Bobby Grace M1 putter, all cut to custom length.  Matt immediately proceeded to shoot his 3 best rounds ever with a natural birdie in each round, each time being the result of an iron or wedge approach stuck close to the pin, not just due to a lucky putt from the dark side of the moon.  Matt has been enrolled in a junior golf league. Matt scored again on his 12th birthday with an "experienced" Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Newport 2 putter with custom paintfill and grip provided by TorreyRat, and the next day promptly drained a 15 foot downhill slider on his second hole for a birdie!

Tom:  The effervescent commentator for the Golf Channel's Dawn Patrol episode, Tom is welcome to join the Dawn Patrol anytime as a Lifetime Honorary Member to make up for his first round at Torrey South.  Admittedly distracted by his hectic schedule, Tom was only able to play a portion of the course with the first group off the tee, and clearly was not on top of his game judging from the results he obtained with his textbook swing.  Tom has a tough life, most recently having to endure hosting the babes at Big Break: Sandals Resort.


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