All about Torrey Pines Golf, the fabled Dawn Patrol, and some Great Products !
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TorreyRat from time to time comes across some fantastic products, golf-related and otherwise, and is pleased to make these available to you at great prices.  Only those third party products that have been successfully used and evaluated receive TorreyRat's seal of approval and permission to appear on this site.  These products are shown below and on the Club Customization, KBS Shafts and Pricing pages.  Stay tuned as the store is developed!  If you are interested in any of these products please email TorreyRat or call TorreyRat Golf at 760-390-3298 for a custom quote.  In the meantime, TorreyRat also has an occasional presence on eBay and is the only retailer specifically authorized to offer BOS Golf refinished golf clubs on eBay - here is a link to items for sale there!

Also, check out the Putters For Sale gallery for a listing of
one-of-a-kind beautifully refinished premium putters available for immediate sale and delivery !!  View this gallery in filmstrip mode for full descriptions and pricing.  Note:  If an item is listed as SOLD, it is possible that TorreyRat may have another like or similar item in stock that can be refinished to your specifications. 

TorreyRat can also build you a Custom Putter, some wedges, or a set of clubs from scratch or make the following repairs and adjustments on your existing clubs, at competitive prices (see
Pricing page):
  • Clubhead refinishing with BOS Golf (see Club Customization page)
  • Reshafting (Excellent pricing when installing KBS shafts)
  • Shaft spine alignment & FLO alignment (usually done in conjunction with reshafting at customer request)
  • Extending/reducing shaft length
  • Regripping
  • Adjusting swingweight
  • Changing loft & lie of many irons and wedges (amount of possible change varies by brand and model)
If you have an interest in the above services or the products below, feel free to contact TorreyRat at

TorreyRat Golf is an authorized retailer for BOS Golf clubhead refinishing, Scratch Golf premium irons and wedges, Bettinardi premium putters (both production and Studio Stock), ACCRA graphite shafts (sold installed only), the full line of KBS premium steel shafts for irons, wedges and hybrids, Iomic grips, Tom Wishon golf components, and Balance Certified shaft stabilizers and counterweights, New products are constantly being added. TorreyRat can give you a custom quote for any combination of products that you may need.



Below are some pics of TorreyRat's personal bag (an authentic 2009 President's Cup USA Team staff bag) incorporating the following goodies:
  • ACCRA Dymatch RT shafted TaylorMade R9 460 driver
  • KBS Hybrid shafted Maltby 18 degree hybrid
  • BOS Golf refinished irons and wedges with KBS Black Nickel shafts
  • BOS Golf refinished putter

TorreyRat was privileged to offer a number of extra USA and International bags left over from the Presidents' Cup matches, see below.  One of each are still available for private sale, including all accessories shown, player name of your choice, and an extra interchangeable name panel that can be customized or kept in reserve.  Not cheap, but you can be sure you will be the ONLY kid on the block with one!

Limited Edition Apparel

TorreyRat offers golf caps and shirts in different styles and colors, featuring the TorreyRat logo in two-tone and DAWN PATROL lettering (example below).  The logo and lettering can also be applied to any cap or shirt that you already own or specify.  If you have played Torrey Pines (or just want people to think you have), or are a fan of the Dawn Patrol, contact TorreyRat!

Clubmaking Tools

For clubmakers of all levels, TorreyRat offers the model TRSF-1 Spinefinder.  The SpineFinder rapidly lets you find the most flexible bending plane of any steel golf shaft; you can then align this plane during assembly to optimize the consistency and performance characteristics of the club.  The SpineFinder is currently being sold on eBay, but feel free to contact TorreyRat for a direct sale or more information.


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